Nothing. All shipping is free.

Delivery usually only takes a few days, usually 2-5 days depending on how far away from Sydney you live.

We ship express to get your order to you as soon as possible.

Your shipping and payment info will be sent to us, and  your order will be marked as “on hold”.

Put the charge through and verify that your address is valid, then it will be marked as Processing and you should be sent an email(If it doesn’t come to you, feel free to email us and we can give to you manually).

After it’s gone through, it’s packaged and shipped out.

Our SARMs are sent with a dropper that should help you measure our the correct dosage.


Email us with a photo so we can fix it up right away.

Sure just email us before it is posted out and we can fix it up. If its been posted we can organise to have it sent back to us and swapped/refunded.